Classic Extension Training at Voila

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Set a standard high enough for yourself to succeed in one of the hottest growing markets today.

Learn it the proper way, in the proper time!


If you are like I was when I started my career in the eyelash industry over 10 years ago, you:

  • Want an all-inclusive education without breaking the bank
  • Want to train with a reputable company with a proven track record
  • Want simple, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Want a company that follows all health regulations, putting your client’s safety first
  • Want a company that can offer you continuous growth and learning as the industry advances

Class description:

We will be working on not just being a great lash artist but on how to become a good business owner. Along with your ability to do perfect lash applications, you’ll learn how to get repeat clients and referrals, giving you the confidence, client trust, and the magic of word-of-mouth marketing.

What our training offers:

  1. Comprehensive hands on training from knowledgeable experts
  2. Start to finish certification
  3. For individuals: Apprentice training with Voila, placement in affiliated salon, or tools to start your own business
  4. For salons/established businesses: Full training and certified lash technician
  5. All the tools and supplies to start right away
  6. Voila intends to grow province wide and you will be in on the ground floor
  7. You can be flexible in how and when you work
  8. Your working day should be fun. Helping clients to feel more beautiful is heart-warming. 
  9. Regular repeat business

Why train with Voila?

  1. We recruit from training classes!
  2. Comprehensive and ongoing training
  3. Business start-up support
  4. In-field support and business development
  5. Marketing updates
  6. Central Client Booking system including administration

We are COVID Friendly: Voila Lash Lounge delivers in person Certification training, accepting 6 or less students per session to maximize one-on-one time for each student. Covid restrictions in place.

Class Outline:


First Technical Event: 3 hours

Hands-on Training: 1 day training

Day 1 hands on training 9-4 with two models required

Day 1 hands on training 9-1 with two models required or may be broken over two dates as required

Training Kit Includes:

  • Workbook/Training Manual
  • Certificate (after submission of lash
  • work/exam are approved) *cost to re-take test is $100
  • 5 days hands on training
  • Test may be taken up to 1 year after completion of course
Additional benefits:
10% discount on supplies purchased through Voila
Access to discounted training with new products/techniques

We will also provide you with the following tools to get started:
8 trays of lash extensions ( Mini class: 2 mixed trays)
1 bottle of speed adhesive
1 bottle of gel remover
1 bottle of liquid remover
1 roll of adhesive free medical tape
1 roll of adhesive free plastic medical tape
2 curved tweezers (mini Class 1 of each)
2 straight tweezers (mini Class 1 of each)
1 pack of precision lash brushes
1 container of microbrushes
1 package of cotton swabs
1 package of eye pads
1 pack of adhesive rings (10 rings)
1 cleanser/lash pads

1 pair magnifiers
I mister and water bottle
1 hand cream with pump
1 hand cleanser with pump
1 pack of head bands
Scissors (not included with mini class)
1 eyelash/brow tonic (not included with mini class)
1 sealers (not included with mini class)
1 water based eyelash mascara for extensions(not included with mini class)
1 makeup remover with pads
1 -3 or 4 drawer work rolling tray (not included with mini class)
Mirror (not included with mini class)

Eyelash Training Class at Voila Academy

Reasons to be training correctly:

The art of eyelash extensions must be mastered in order to get referrals, repeat clients and growth. Bottom line, if you try to take short cuts and do not do it right you will not succeed in this industry

Voila places special emphasis on theory, procedure, safety, and advanced techniques that are guaranteed to produce longer-lasting lash applications.

Upon completing the theoretical and practical instruction, lash trainees will take a verbal certification test and a practical application skills test to ensure they have attained the required knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry. Those who do not pass the test will be offered additional training and support to meet the required skill level.

If you are like many lash techs I've trained, do you envision this?

– Owning your own business
– Flexibility to work full or part time
– Making women feel beautiful and powerful with gorgeous lashes
– Having more time to spend with your kids, partner, and doing the things you love

Requirements for eyelash extension training:

1. Good eyesight or magnifiers
2. Steady hands
3. Patience
4. Attention to detail

*It is highly recommended that all trainees outside of voila get insurance and city License BC Fraser Health approval.

Classic Lash Extension Training

Voila Lash & Beauty
$ 1000
  • Deposit is not refundable. Once we receive your deposit, we will send a welcome packge.

This class is offered in the following locations. Please click to view training dates:

Voila Langley Academy

Voila Chilliwack Academy

Voila Abbotsford Academy